Connect to to make creating rooms easier.

Step by step connection in extranet as screenshots below:

Step 1: On your extranet, click on ‘Start’ and try to search


Step 2: Accept the agreement terms and continue process.

Step 3: Then someone from our team will approve the connection. Please contact us for the ‘Provider Confirmation’ 

Step 4: Confirm the connection with


Step 5: Now you are already connected to with


Note: If your extranet is an old version, you may not be able to find XML connection. Please contact, either by phone or online support, and ask them to upgrade your extranet so you can connect to a Channel Manager ( will be your provider). 

Step 6: Next add your hotel ID into your subdomain. Go to Channel Manager (1) > Dashboard (2) and press Add New Channel (3). Select and include your hotel details. 

Step 7: Map your rates at to the ones you’ve created at Switch. Simply select the equivalent room types or rate plans you’ve created.

Step 8: Pull Existing Reservations – Please request to switch support team to pull existing reservation on your extranet.

IMPORTANT!! Make sure that you have not yet imported any reservation from before requesting the pull. Skip this step if you have imported current reservations from using the Import feature to avoid creating duplicate reservations.

Available only for admin role users (Switch support team).

Add your other existing reservations using the Import feature.

IMPORTANT: Do not press “Push” or “Pull” and do not enable automatic push or pull.These should be done only AFTER you finish including all your existing reservations and adjusting seasonal pricing.

Extra: Click here to find out how to connect to other OTAs.