You have to follow the below instructions for new Expedia connection:

1. Reach out to property POC to guide them thru selecting Connectivity Provider in extranet (i.e.:

Expedia Extranet Dashboard -> Rooms and rates -> Connectivity Settings -> Pick SWITCH.CM as connectivity provider.

2. And for the further steps, please contact to Switch support team with your Expedia property ID  via chat or email. 

Note for Switch team member: use Master EQC Credentials and universal password to add Expedia connection in Dashboard

3. You can check on your channel manager setting, If you can successfully pull mappings – that means connectivity between Switch and Expedia works.

4. You have to do the mapping of rooms & rates properly.  Under the local room, you can choose the base room rates, dynamic room rates and rate plans accordingly.

5. Click “Run Push (Full)” and Set “Automatic Push” and “Automatic Pull” to “Enable“. 

Second Option (in case for the hotel does not have connection option in their extranet ):

1.Download this form, fill-out the necessary information, attach it to the email and the email content should mention that “You want to connect your Expedia extranet to the Channel Manager provider SWITCH.CM ”.  Afterwards, kindly send it to this email:

IMPORTANT:Do not connect set the Auto Pull & Push to ‘enable’ before you have imported all existing reservations and adjusted seasonal pricing. Please do that first and then set it to enable.