First log in to your Airbnb account and navigate your way to ” Host ” button click it and select ” Manage Listing ” button.

On the ” Manage Listing ” page click on the ” Calendar Button ” .

Now on the ” Calendar ” page go to the upper right corner of the page and click on the ” Manage Settings ” option.

On the ” Manage Listings ” page select ” Availability ” tab.

Now on the ” Availability tab ” scroll down until you see the ” Export Calendar ” button. Click that button and it will then show you the link that you will need to copy to your ” Homeaway sync bar “.

Copy this link and open your ” Homeaway”  account.
Do not close this tab as you will still need this page in syncing your ” Homeaway ” calendar to ” Airbnb “

Log in to your ” Homeaway “ account and go to your ” My Listings ” Page.

On ” My Listings ” page click on ” Update Calendar ” .

On ” Update Calendar ” page scroll down where you will see the ” Airbnb Calendar ” Sync Bar. Paste the Airbnb import file.

Paste the link that you copied from ” Airbnb ” and Press the ” Sync ” button.  You can now check your ” Calendar “. On this same page scroll down until you see the ” Export Calendar ” tab. Copy the link that is shown on the tab as shown on the screenshot highlight the link then copy this link.

Now go back to the Airbnb tab and scroll down to until you see the ” Import Calendar” button.  

On the ” Import Calendar ” page paste the copied link on the  ” Calendar Address ” tab from ” Homeaway ” page. Name the calendar what you want and press ” Import Calendar “.

You may now check both synced calendars.