In the picture below you’ll find all the OTA’s connections for an anonymous accommodation.


This property is connected to five booking engines. We are going to take the connection as an example to go through each of the settings.  In the picture below you’ll find all the general settings for that one connection.

Running Push & Pull

By running push you are “pushing” in all the information from your SWITCH.CM account (room setup, prices, inventory, availabilities, etc.)  into the OTA (in this case

By running pull you are “pulling” all the information from the OTA (reservations, guest details, credit card information, payments, etc.) into your SWITCH.CM account.


Enable/Disable Automatic Pull & Push

Enabling automatic Pull & Push means that your SWITCH.CM account will automatically run a pull & push,  synchronising every change in both OTA and SWITH.CM accounts. 

For example, if someone makes a reservation on your listing, you’ll be able to see the reservation on your SWITCH.CM account automatically, as well as the other way around. 

If you make any changes to your prices or availability on your SWITCH.CM account, these changes will automatically be reflected for users on your listing.

This is one of the many reasons customers love our product. There is no more need to log in to every booking engine each time you want to make changes. On the other hand, you can log into only your SWITCH.CM account and everything will have been automatically synchronise into one site.  Before enabling automatic pull & push, make sure your rooms are mapped correctly (see next step).

Room Mapping

Mapping your rooms is one the most important steps in successfully connecting your accommodation to OTA’s. It basically means that you need to match the rooms/beds that you are listing in the OTA (at in this case) with  the rooms/beds /prices that you set up on your SWITCH.CM account.


To avoid overbooking or information synchronising  erroneously, I suggest to contacting the support team who will guide you to make sure your room are mapped correctly before “Enabling” the Automatic Push/Pull. 

Feel free to schedule a call with our customer support team here: