The Reception settings maintain the basic functions of Switch. 

1. Calendar View

In the calendar tab, you can modify if you would like to see the ‘x days’ before the current date, change the decimals spaces of the price and personalise further calendar settings and Click Submit button.

2. Background Theme

Switch comes loaded with a variety of coloured backgrounds. This is your chance to customise your viewing experience; it can be altered at anytime. 

3. Housekeeping Settings

The user can organise which rooms will be added to the housekeeping list ultimately providing daily upkeep of the hotel.  

By clicking the dropdown menu, you can decide what priority (high, medium, low) the housekeeping is given under a specific circumstance.

You can also control if that specific circumstance requires housekeeping at all by checking/unchecking the box next to it.

And remember to click Submit in order to save the changes.

3. Auxiliary Items

Auxiliary tab is used to control all the additional utilities that a guest can purchase. 

You can manage the inventory by adding more utilities or removing any unnecessary items from the list. It is also used to update the price for any particular auxiliary and will take immediate affect.