Let’s suppose that you have a hostel with 2 rooms, Room A & Room B.  Each room contains 4 beds each, and you normally sell each of the individual beds for $20.  Your room set up will look like this:

Notice that if you have an empty calendar, you will have 8 mixed dorm beds that you can sell.  

However, SWITCH.CM gives you the option of creating dynamic rooms:

In this set up, you’ll notice that we’ve grouped beds A-1, A-2, A-3, and A-4 together into group A.  This means that you can now sell Room A as individual mixed dorm beds, or you can sell the entire room as a private 4-person room.

In the example above, a new reservation for “Joe Smith” has been made.  You’ll notice that it: 

  • reduces the availability of the mixed dorm from 8 to 7
  • reduces the availability of the private 4-person dorm from 2 to 1

There is only 1 private 4-person dorm available now (room B).  Room A cannot be booked as a private room anymore because Joe Smith is in one of the rooms.

In the example above, a private 4-person dorm reservation is made online, which results in all 4 beds in room B getting blocked out from one reservation.