If you’re interested in partnership with Switch.cm, we offer a white label solution that will allow you to sell the PMS under your brand or name.

What is a White Label?

A white label PMS means that the product has been developed by a company then rebranded by other company to make it appear to be their own product. 

You’ll notice that they have a very similar looking PMS & Channel Manager. The source code for the PMS is routed to their domain & styled with their company name including the chat application.

How does this work?

Once you settle your partnership with us, you are free to take as many clients as you want. You reach out to properties in your region, help them to connect & on-board then provide your support. You can charge your properties on a monthly basis or maybe a percentage of revenue, as long as your pricing is roughly aligned to ours.

What are the costs involved?

We charge a basic one-time fee to cover the development of the product & user training. The development cost covers the set up of all the domain routing & white labeling so that the site is on your website. The training will cover all of the administrative features allowing you to connect your own properties. Any upgrade that we push to Switch.cm will also be updated to your white label PMS. Moreover, we also include limited life-long support.

After the first year of the contract, we will start charging 10% of your revenue which will help the continuous improvement of the system.