Placing “unassigned” reservations can help you organize your property and avoid overboookings.

On occasion the system may pull a reservation from an OTA and place it automatically in the Room Type Row. This is the grey bar that follows horizontally from the Room Type on the left of the calendar, it separates the Room Types and is not meant to have reservations on it.

Any reservation from an OTA that the system places on there is considered Unassigned. This happens because there is broken room availability, meaning there is at least one availability for several consecutive days but they are not beside each other on the calendar (see image below).

Why does the system do this?

Our Channel Manager is set up to maximize your availability and get you as close to full occupancy as possible. There is room for the Unassigned Reservation but the system does not automatically place it in a broken way because most guests do not want to change room/bed in the middle of their stay. Therefore the system is giving you a warning of this situation for you to manually assign it.

Like for this example below, the latest sync from the OTA has pulled Tom’s reservation but it has been placed as Unassigned on the Room Type row.

We can see that there’s still availability for Tom if we properly assigned Pablo’s reservation to room C.

If Pablo’s reservation is placed properly, Tom’s reservation will be assigned on room A as shown below.

We call this process Tetris. You can see in the video below how you can easily use our Drag and Drop feature to rearrange your reservations so they all fit.

Please note that reservations that are on the Room Type row and Unassigned still count towards your availability and will NOT cause overbookings.

The only way they can cause overbookings is if Management or Staff does not realize that these empty spaces on the calendar are actually already belonging to the Unassigned reservation and they manually enter a reservation there or extend an existing reservation to take that space.

Also due to the way Airbnb is mapped to individual rooms and not to the total availability of the Room Type, leaving a room as Unassigned instead of in it’s proper place where the guest will sleep, it will continue to push this room as Available to Airbnb and can cause an overbooking from Airbnb only.

For these two reasons above, it is important to assign reservations to a room/bed and not leave them as Unassigned on the Room Type row.